Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Finding UFO's

I didn't think I had UFO's (unfinished objects) in my closet. Or I wasn't treating them as such. I thought there was only one project I just could not finish because I just could not get the points on the triangles right. Well. Surprise, surprise.

There are a number of 12" plastic storage units (made more for scrap booking pages) that have UFO's in them. Eight, at my last count. Only 7 are mine. And then there is a spring table runner near the South door on a quilting loom. I've added what I found to the sidebar list. If it is in sight there, it has a chance to get finished. I also ordered 6 yards of a Halloween fabric so that I could finish that Twisted 4-patch. 

I want to keep going with the labels. That means looking through each container and inventorying contents. I added two labels to finished quilts. This is probably how any quilter deals with her UFO's: Sort, label, evaluate the fabrics in the 'kit'. Is there enough fabric or do I need to buy some to finish the project? What stage is it in? Can I finish it or just take it to the next step? 

I only went through three more of the larger bins and found four more UFO's, along with two of the FB14 quilts I want to label, along with finished quilts without a designated recipient. One went off to a boy expected at the end of the year.

When I looked online to see what other quilters do, I realize that no matter how many opinions I get, the bottom line is how I will turn my UFO's into treasure. Do it, that is how.