Thursday, September 8, 2016

Layout on 2nd Half

I appreciate having the larger tables to work on in the clubhouse and got the second half of the MN WILD quilt laid out. 

One row (2nd from the bottom in this pic) was really odd and almost every block was turned incorrectly. It is ripped and pinned, and the other rows pinned by pairs. Its a bit longer than it is wide, but until it gets put together as a complete top, I am reserving my thoughts about it. The draft I made of it should be proportional. Very much the puzzle, this one. It will be a relatively larger quilt too. 

There was a larger piece of batting left from the wedding quilt and may be enough to join with other scraps and will let me finish the last of the FB 14 quilts. 

I spent most of the day finishing up the Hallows gifts for my Grandchildren and got them packaged for shipping on Friday. The Hallows 'stuff' can get put away til next year and anything that comes from Swap-bot will simply be fresh when it is opened again.

My next project is a half dozen Grinch characters as mug rugs. The fabric I have only shows one Grinch, but included n the piece is the tree, Cindy Lou Who and Max, Cindy and her Parents, and a train, which make 5 different images, all of which I think are pretty cute for the season.