Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Insert Explitve Here

Two quilts got basted this morning. Then I came home and put the borders on the MN WILD quilt, except that I didn't do them the way I wanted. Guess there is always tomorrow to figure it out. Someone once said that you can always rip before it gets basted!

The first one basted was the Log Cabin. Yes, that is my Flat Partner for a Swapbot exchange. The quilt is in fall colors, all from my closet, as the last of the FB14 projects I took on this year. Interestingly, two of them were received today.

The second quilt basted is a smaller baby quilt with a fleece batting. Both quilts were batted using leftovers. The one above needed to be joined, but this one was the perfect size with less than an inch around. It made it.

I might have taken on too much today because I got out into the gardens too and laid stepping stones. I raked the trough first, and then raked in front of the shed for the pavers that were ordered. I really had the MN WILD quilt planned so I am not sure what the heck happened, but sure as anything the directional print is on it in a way that I didn't want. Dang.