Monday, June 5, 2017

A Scrappy Back Takes Time

When I started this, I thought  it would be a breeze to assemble. Hah! Its like making a free and happy life. It takes work. It takes time.

I started piecing the 17" blocks with the 8 star legs in deep yellow. And it is going to take a lot more of the 6" rail fence squares. This has got to be a random part of the quilt. It takes nine of the 6" squares to make up one of the 17" star blocks. It all will come from the same fabrics & their randomness continues as they get assembled.

Thing is, it cannot slip into becoming a UFO or there will be a resulting chaos. Its hard to leave such a project and trust notes will explain where it was left and where it needs to go.

I can do the machine quilting on the four quilts to go out this year, and keep working on this back. Part of the back is about counting squares and laying out the pattern.