Sunday, June 18, 2017

Batting Pieces

In an effort to avoid that cognitive overload, I decided to join two of the larger pieces of leftover batting from the most recent basting I did the other day. Usually, I just put it in the bin and wait until I need some. 

In the end, this newly joined piece was large enough for the Neighborhood quilt that goes out next year to a Great-Niece. There was actually too much on one end, so it got cut to use elsewhere too. AND THEN, I joined some from the bin to work with the GBP Log Cabin quilt that I do want to send out this year. 

Both of these quilts are ready for basting, and there are smaller batting scraps in the bin for the future. For instance, there are some tote bags on my to-do list that will take some smaller pieces.

Batting takes a fair amount of space when it first comes in its package, so once it is loose from the plastic, then it takes even more space in a storage bin. There is no need for more of it this year. What I do notice is that the shrink factor has changed from 3% to almost 5% on the same product. That means it will shrink 5 inches for every 100 inches long or wide the quilts are.

I have mixed feelings about keeping my to-do list. I am the kind of person who would start new projects so need to know what is there to be finished. I like the idea of doing something right away, like joining these batting pieces and assigning them to a project that needs batting. In this way, I don't throw them away nor do I go and buy more.