Saturday, June 10, 2017

GBP Quilt

I started this quilt after receiving yellows from my dear friend in WI. There are 16 blocks and the first border assembled.

A part of me was hesitant to make a quilt for this young man who is not a blood relation but is part of the younger generation of family members...the Grands. I met him last Summer when I visited the midwest. I like him. He is sweet and he loves my Granddaughter. They live in WI and so love the Green Bay Packers. While the Pack has always been a team rival for those of us following the MN Vikings, loyalty is regional. I found that gray retro Green Bay fabric and have enough to make an outer border with it. 

I am in Beautiful Downtown Burbank for the weekend and forgot to bring the railfence back to work on, so plan to just relax. I tried finding a fabric store but its not that kind of town, so am content to use the sauna, watch TV and order room service, and spend time working on my Psych course assignments.