Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Away

It was interesting for me to have a full weekend of inactivity. I went into the hotel sauna, watched movies, shopped, drove up north and slept a lot. I found a place to buy the dark green fabric for the binding on the Green Bay Packer quilt and thin dark blue ribbon for the label on the back of the blue/white/yellow Log Cabin quilt, so am set to work on my projects.

At first, I mentally kicked myself for forgetting the scrappy back project for the Gratitude quilt until I realized that the quilt would not be ready to go out until 2019...two years from now. 

It can sometimes be hard to be gentle with myself. I am learning that things take time and to give them time, and that there will be enough time. Until I started working with this Jungian Psych course, I held deep fears that I would not finish all the quilting projects I wanted to do. Well, so? Everyone does what they can for as long as they can. And if one is lucky, they meet all their goals. You never know. So you live each day as if it was the beginning and each day as if it was the last.