Thursday, June 1, 2017

Log Cabin Quilt

Ok, so sometimes, I cannot help myself. As I started sorting all the new donated fabric I received from my friend, the yellows spoke to me and the Green Bay Packer Quilt evolved.

First of all, I measured what I had on hand for the 16-block pattern, and sorted out what new yellows would go with what I had! There was enough dark green to use as one color for the darkside AND enough of the GBP focus fabric I had for the outer 'light' rows. Red would not work for the center, nor any of the other yellows to golds. However, there was a green batik that blended into both green & yellow & went into the center blocks. Other fabrics were too busy & not in line with the theme.

The pattern book has several layouts. After some auditioning, this is the one that worked. At first the colors seemed bright & a stark contrast. However, it is a sport team quilt & these are colors of the Green Bay Packers. I selected a calmer layout, and while the pattern suggests borders, that part of the quilt is going to evolve with time. The gray team focus fabric makes another pattern. So very interesting to see this in the layout. I ordered more of it to make a final border and hopefully that will lighten it up just a bit as well as extend the sides a bit more.

Some of what I received needs to be trimmed. Its interesting how I can detour from working on the UFO's to making something that wasn't even on my to-do list! I need to have this 'distraction', if you will, in order to keep passion for the fabric art. Also, the new quilting machine should be coming in a few days. Facing endless challenges of finishing what I left undone goes beyond the physical exhaustion of quilting. It is emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually exhausting.

With every UFO, I face my darkness. I face feelings of ineptness, of breaking my own word, of putting myself down for my failures. I kick myself for not having 'notes-to-self' and all the other things either done or not that I judge as failures. Therefore, I NEED new projects from time to time, just as a reminder of the joy quilting brings to me.