Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Grandma's Kitchen quilt

Readiness is the key to all important tasks. Until we are ready to know something, the mystery is not revealed.

Pat Sloan started a new block of the week mystery quilt. I am such a sucker. It calls for 40 FQ's, 3 yards of white, a yard of a stripe, and a yard of a gray gingham. I need to buy the stripe & gingham this weekend, yet pulled all this from my stash. 

I printed off the first pattern block & before starting it, I want to see how some of the others are going to look. The last one of Sloan's I did was the Gratitude quilt and it came off so busy. 40 FQs come out to be 10 yards of fabric, plus the other 5 yards and this pattern is supposed to be a lap size quilt. Sloan says there will be leftovers. Before I end up with a lot of scraps, I just want to see what I am in for. Waiting, in this case, might be a good thing.