Saturday, June 24, 2017

Basting Day

This is technically the last quilt I am making this year left to baste. I made another appointment for next Friday to re-baste that Blue & White quilt that kept wrinkling. I walked home from the clubhouse and it was already hot. However, after getting back home, I stayed outside & pruned my Yellow Roses. I cut them down to under the window sill. The way roses grow around here, they will recover and burst out again.

This quilt is one I have been working on since getting the yellow fabric from my friend. I ordered more of the gray retro focus fabric for the outside border.

There was enough of it to make this same guy a tote for a holiday gift. And because his quilt is shipping the end of August so he has it during football season, I'll try keeping this for the holidays. Do guys use totes? Some do. Its something light to bring camping, but not knowing his preferences, it could either be welcomed or sit in a closet forever.

I won't be quilting much this weekend as I am headed down to Santa Barbara for the Summer Solstice parade and event on Saturday and plan to hang out on the beach Sunday before driving home.