Friday, June 23, 2017

No Notes-To-Self

One of the real hassles with trying to finish my UFOs is that they might not come with notes-to-self. Writing them was something I did learn along the way, but some of these projects have been hanging around for awhile. This is probably not what made this project a UFO, as much as it was just working it during my early days of quilting.

When I took out this container, it was obvious that cutting had begun. However, nothing was marked; neither the pattern nor the cut pieces. That meant counting again. I don't know if fabrics are designated specifically or if they are just in the container as possibilities.

So the first thing I could do was to count the squares, and label what them. However, as I pieced what was there, it was clear that I didn't have enough of those purple squares. 

The quilt pattern is for a small 43" x 43" baby size quilt. It seems that I wanted to extend it from 9 blocks of 3 across & 3 down, to 16 blocks, or 4 across & 4 down. All I could make with the purple was 9 complete blocks and the remaining were partial blocks. Rather than give up and and have a lot of orphans, I am going to see if I can find the purple.

This pattern makes flying geese the old way & that is most likely why the project became a UFO. They were hard to assemble & get points correct, and still are. And the coordinating fabric makes some stars lose their points.

I am went as far on it as I could for now, made some notes-to-self and let it go for now. It can wait until the Halloween fabrics hit the stores. If I don't find the purple, I thought about making some tote bags with the extra and just making the smaller 9 block quilt.

So frustrating.