Thursday, June 15, 2017

Grinchmas BOM

Early morning sun sort of washes out the photo of the quilt, so this was the best of a dozen pics I took.
I am glad to call this one done. It even has a label on the back. It won't go out until Fall of this year because of the holiday Grinchmas/ wintery theme it has to it. I am delighted to have used up so many of the small scraps in it. 

I've come to see that quilters who purchase fabrics select one each of the light, medium and dark colors to make their quilts. Of course, I have so much fabric in my closet that I want to use before buying. Key to this one was a yard of the aqua Grinchmas for the focus border. 

I will make an appointment at the clubhouse for Friday to baste the next two quilts, and will finish the top for the Log Cabin quilt.

What happened, because of the Jungian Psych course, is that I took off a lot of my usual pressure to get them done and have relaxed quite a bit. I did pin my godSon's name and address to this one in the event that someone else needs to ship it for me. Those notes-to-self have become very essential to my work.