Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WHAT is Happening?

I got four rows done on this quilt, yet found myself needing to go back and rip/re-do in several places. I am doing everything 'right' and still struggle with it. It is not the largest quilt I've made but feels so heavy and unwieldy. I don't get it and wonder if it was my choice to do a flannel back that makes it that way.

Someone once said that unless we accept our strengths that we would most certainly be overwhelmed by our shortcomings. 

And so it is.

 * I am enough * I like perfection * I am sufficient * 
I am a visionary * I attend to what needs doing 
* I am responsible * I perform right actions  
* I am secure * I love all beings & stand for them 

Its really hot outside so working on lots of fabric dedicated to keeping folks warm is not comfortable today. I still think it is the flannel. There is no deadline on this project. I want to do it right rather than quickly. Already, the choice to do an entire grid is changed to a simple diagonal channel stitching.

The plan is to do one to four rows of stitching each morning. Of course, the middle of the quilt has longer rows and will take more time. I won't let it get me down, and will keep at it, but will not push myself nor say mean things to myself when and if a row wrinkles. It is what it is.

There is a greater picture in my work, and sometimes when I have a project like this one where things are not going the way I want, I could get so frustrated that I set it aside. It would become a UFO. I am not going to do this. It needs to go out this year and there is plenty of time to finish it if I keep at it.

I woke up this morning thinking about a different solution. I think I will take this quilt back to the clubhouse and re-baste it, seeing if I can make it tighter. I am at such a loss for why it keeps wrinkling so want to give it a try. I have to call and get an appointment so I can have the room.