Thursday, June 8, 2017


Whew! The last of the blocks were made and joined and now the entire quilt top is pieced. 

Huge! It hangs over the edge of my queen size bed. The friend who will eventually receive this quilt lives in Hawaii with his young Daughter. He is a tall man, a sweet man. I knew his Father and loved him well. Its quite a busy quilt and the rail fence stars on the back will be a little more tame. This isn't meant to be a bedspread but a quilt that comforts and warms. 

If Hawaii weather is anything like it is here in southern Cali, he will have his AC on and so having a quilt to take the edge off the chill is welcomed. 

There is no hurry to finish this quilt. And for as large as it is, it will take me awhile to finish the back and then machine quilt it all. It will be done when it is.