Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hand Sewing Binding

Depending upon the size of the quilt, it takes at least 2 days if not more for me to make the binding, machine stitch it to the quilt, start folding it over with those clips and then attaching it. I have a couple of challenges of late, one is threading the needle, which always reminds me of my maternal Grandmother, and the other is just the unhealthy condition of my hands.

I value each day. Always have. I love life. And when pain makes living full out, I know I push myself even harder. So when the pain in my hands from arthritis or the essential tremors gets to be too much, I just do what I can do. 

My Jung course is focusing on dreams this month. I found a blank journal, researched some dream recall affirmations, and set myself up to remember a dream this morning as I woke.

AND I DID! One of the images I jotted down was a Bee. Bees are feminine energy, & are symbolic as a Nurturing Mother. I also took away from it that I need to eat more protein (not royal jelly).

The other images led me to remember that I had stopped keeping my health journal so I am going to do that again. My health is a full package. When I feel better I can do the things I love with energy and positive attitude. Also, when I am not feeling at my best, I don't want to quilt, nor garden, nor write, nor read. I don't want to rest. Nothing. So the dream made a lot of sense in many ways and I am going to keep that journal on my dresser to see if there is more information coming my way.