Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Set Aside / a New UFO?

I am setting the Log Cabin quilt aside until I can re-baste it. It is way too frustrating for me to stitch a line, hold the sections taut & still end up with a couple of wrinkles on the back. I figure that all the time it takes me to rip the seam & re-do it is a waste of time. I am going to take it back to the clubhouse & start over as much as the 4 lines of stitches will allow me to do. I am going to ask for help & get it tighter in hopes that it will stop that silly nonsense.

Meanwhile, I pulled out one of the UFO's to take it to the next step. Years ago, my friend Rex & I decided to swap blocks we made & used one for each month to make a calendar quilt. Her blocks are stunning. We were both beginners but she took to quilting like a pro. And after she did what she wanted went onto other things. 

My Jung course asked me to find a symbol for this week about manifesting goals. I don't have critical issues in my life right now, but the underpinning theme for me is about TIME. When I saw my UFO list, this project was the one to be the symbol. 

As much as I can, I try to use fabrics on hand. There was this roll of leftover green from a binding strip that is the same as I would use for sashing. There was also a chunk of the same fabric so there was enough to make both sashing and the first border.