Saturday, June 17, 2017

What are the Remaining UFOs

One of the Audiobooks I was listening to talked about cognitive overload that happens when a person makes lists. The guy speaking said that we need to do the thing rather than put it on the list to-do. And if we need to add it to our list, then something else should come off. Having a list, he says, brings all sorts of mental and emotional hooks.

I prioritized mine on the sidebar, took some off that hadn't even been started, and have these to finish in 2017:

  • UFO APRON - Sami
  • UFO Be A Star - Halloween Quilt (pin/piece) (Mason?)
  • UFO Calendar BOM with June Mystery Back (needs fabric)
  • UFO House Blocks (needs 8)
  • UFO Scrappy Totes (1: GBP for Tyler, 2: MN Wild for Jer)
  • UFO Tombstone Pillow (cut shape/piece/stuff)
Each of them presents a challenge. Clearly, I experience cognitive overload!! I either feel inept with what needs to be done, or avoid it for an unknown subconscious reason. They would all be easy and probably only take a day or two to finish. 

Six. There are six on the list which means I could finish one a month to get them completed in 2017. When I finish the 3 quilts going out this year, and take them off my list, my guess is that there will be a huge relief.