Friday, June 16, 2017

Basting Day

I got 2 quilts basted this morning. Pain never pays off. I called for help when I realized that the layouts for both of these quilts would be easier if someone helped me rather than if I went around and around the tables.

I pin basted on my own. This one hung over one side edge just about an inch so it was fine to do. I plan to quilt it with a neutral thread.

Batting, itself, is 100% cotton so has gone up in price along with other cotton products such as fabric and thread. It still makes so much sense to me to use up the fabrics in my closet first. The first quilt is made of fabrics I did buy, but the batting is pieced. I'd like to say the second one is from scraps and the blocks are, however, I bought the green border and the back for it. The batting is new as well, but was laid out in such a way that cutting off the excess gives me enough for another quilt.

Most of my scraps are going onto back projects from now on. And I have fabrics and patterns I made into 'kits' for new quilt projects. I will need to work up several of these scrappy backs before actually starting on the 'kits'. It would be nice to have more than a few of them done and ready.