Saturday, June 3, 2017


The 2 flat rate boxes were stuffed with fabric from my friend. My challenge was to find space for them in my stash. Gleefully, I planned a new quilt and some quilt-back projects. However, first, fabric needed to get into its new homes by sizing and colorizing.

The object I selected for my Jungian Psych course assignment was one of my small clocks. It is supposed to be something that you really love. The assignment takes a person pretty deep into their unconsciousness. Then, this morning, I gathered some of them from their shelves and put them on my workstation. None of them are worth all that much. Most I bought. A couple were gifts.

Huge revelation is how addicted to the concept of time I am! I love time travel movies. I had these clocks to keep me on time when I was teaching and traveling. I got them because I have one of those bodies that breaks or stops timepieces worn on it. And over the years, I have given clocks as gifts.

At least 3 of these are going into the thrift store box for July. It is 'time' to let them go. 

How are they a quilting tool? Well, what they do, in fact, is pressure me to work faster. Pressure me in ways that really are silly in physical, mental, emotional & spiritual ways. There is no reward at being held hostage to something whose 'time' has passed.