Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mug Rug Swap

I joined a SwapBot exchange that showed a picture of a mug rug with instructions to make one just like the pattern in the picture. It looked square to me and I like the more rectangular shapes on my desk. Photos often skew the edges so they can look wonky.

My first Mug Rug was rectangular. It has a patriotic color feel to it and it is too late to mail one out. Swap partners will not be assigned til mid-July, so Summery is better in my mind. 

In SwapBot, there is a rating system that serves to keep people on track with requirements. While there were no dimensions given, I felt uneasy with my first product. I decided to put it in one of the bins I have for my Grandchildren. She will find it another day and love it.

Then, I took out more scraps and made the more square version with a Summery look to it. I am pleased with both, and happy to use up random scraps in both versions.