Wednesday, June 14, 2017

And On & On

This was Day 2 for machine quilting. It is boring. It is hard to handle the ever-increasing weighted project. And there are three more quilts to do after this one! 

Our circumstances do not improve unless we do.

To that end, I like to listen to audiobooks. Right now, the ones on my loop in You Tube are the ancient writings like Seneca & other ancient stoics and poets. It was Horace, the dead poet, who told us to "seize the day before its gone because we may not have another!" 

As I got to the end of channel stitch rows, there was a sort of exhilaration that this part was completed. I went on & finished the quilt stitches around the borders. It seemed that I was always looking for the end of it.

I started thinking how this is life. We are so excited in the beginning and then as life goes on, we start to see our shortcomings along with the successes. Days roll into years and if they are the same old same thing, then of course, it is tedious. The new projects we start, like the stitch rows around the borders bring in new energy. For awhile. 

I kept looking for the end of the four sides. If I faltered, the stitch could move off its margin. And if I didn't watch what was happening to the thread, there were several things that could also go wrong. I wondered if this was mid-life.

While this one is finished, I haven't made an appointment to baste the others yet, but soon.