Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cognitive Non-Overloading

On my list of UFOs is one to make scrappy quilt backs. This is a GREAT way to use the squares I cut from scraps and finished projects. It seems ongoing & can be a bit intimidating to work on because there is no end to it. In the beginning of my quilting experiences, I was afraid to cut into fabric, even for the project it was meant for. 

Then the fear came that if I cut the lovely fabric, when I needed it for something, it would not be there. All those fears of cutting. Its an ongoing process. Its actually been satisfying to pull out the smaller bin with all the precut squares in it and just piece away until the right size of the back is done.

With fabric my friend sent me last month, I used a LOT already, have cut the pieces & joined them to make rail fence blocks. Is exciting. And so, I am self-compelled to keep cutting squares, sorting larger pieces into colorized containers for easy retrieval. 

I really do have enough projects for 2017 so do not need to start anything new for awhile. However, cutting or trimming means that fabric takes less room in my closet and is at the ready when I do want to use it.