Monday, June 26, 2017

Machine Quilting Week

Perhaps the basting was okay on the blue & white quilt and its the flannel that moves. The same thing is happening to this green & yellow quilt that also has a flannel backing. Even though quilting is gridded, I may change it to channel quilting to help the eyes not see the wiggle. I know that once I finish with these two quilts, I will not choose flannel for backing.

I know that the word 'confidence' comes from two words meaning with faith. When you have assurance and conviction about what you do, then you have faith that you can do it well.

I lack confidence in my skills. I thought they would build as I quilted and didn't factor in things that help weaken skills that happen to all of us. Where I used to go non-stop on most everything, now I have learned to take time and that things don't get finished in the same day. Like quilts.

I am taking time and find that its ok for me to work on a quilt all week.