Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Quilt Labels

With luck, my measuring will be spot on for these labels and they will go onto a quilt corner with a little bit of stitching. The secret of success is often intention whether we know it or not.

Both are embroidered, so it took measuring. The first one is a cat shape ready for machine quilting. The second one is a 'letter' put inside an envelope.

The envelope part of it folds over on all four corners to hide the message. I want to buy a length of very thin blue ribbon that can be secured on back & simply tied on front. 

The quote ('Not all who wander...are lost') comes from LORD OF THE RINGS. I am thinking I will leave it unexplained, and hopefully his curiosity will help him find it. The front of the quilt has sea & star maps on it, along with cancelled postage stamps. The cat patch goes on the back of the cat block quilt. 

My dear friend in WI just sent me 2 large USPS flat rate boxes filled with fabrics. She knew I needed some lights & fabrics that read solid. I am excited to get some 'new blood' into my work.