Thursday, May 25, 2017


Eureka is the name of the most recent block for the Gratitude quilt. Long ago, I was told that life grants us a chance, but not really a fair shake. It's up to us to make a difference in how things turn out.

It is getting more difficult to find fabrics in what I set aside for these blocks. As it is, the lights came from another pre-cut bin for 4" & could be cut to the 3.5" squares. Lights are the hardest fabric value whenever I am making a quilt. I plan to buy some light fabrics whenever I need some other quilting item, and most often forget. My 'stash' is primarily darks.

The striped strip above the block will be repeated on another 12" in this section. Two more blocks are yet to be released and one of them has the same striped frame. 

As this quilt gets close to being finished, I am seeing some folks who bought fabric make this with only 3 coordinating pieces of light, medium and dark. Someday that might be a way I can quilt. For now, I am scrap quilting.

And of course, I finished my friend's wheelchair quilt and did NOT take a photo of it. So it is in the mail and she will either like it or not.