Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jake's Log Cabin

The center section is pieced and the first two borders are on. I am going to make the next borders a bit wider on the sides. Its long enough but I would like it just a little wider. Easy adjustments.

This is the first one I make the blocks in two colors, one for the light and one for the dark. I chose a yellow for the center blocks to represent the hearth. Often it is either red or yellow and I didn't want this to be a patriotic quilt of red/white/blue. What is interesting is that there is a sort of circle-ish theme in the fabrics, or where the lines curve.

The book called this a 'quilt-in-a-day' pattern and that is nonsense. While it is an easy pattern to follow because it is strip quilting, there is no way to make it in a day unless you burn your body out. Long gone are those days for me. I quilt smarter, and while it does take me more time, it is a better choice.