Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Its Not Easy Being Wonky

Truth be told, wonky blocks are darned difficult. Another UFO. Like life. Some life situations are so bitter that we wish we could end it all rather than face them any more. In fact, it takes a lot of courage & tenacity to keep going.

The latest of my wonky blocks still is just not the way I want it to look. In fact, I will not use it in the quilt, and consider that there are still two to make for it.

Of course it is a learning process. For instance, the body of the house has to be cut from one fabric. The background needs to be an even smaller print. 

Just because it is wonky, it actually takes more skill to create. This is my final work for today though it is untrimmed here. It will make it to the wonky quilt, and there is one more to go. I titled this blog saying it wasn't easy being wonky, and there is always more to the story, isn't there?

If a person is inclined to be different, it made me wonder about the rules to making it happen. It is a real commitment to walk in public dressing differently, working-voting-speaking-thinking-anything that is contrary to what others see as normal. That person, like these wonky blocks, can be frustrating for someone who wants things neat and orderly.

I didn't make all the blocks for this quilt & what most of the swap partners said was how hard it was to do, and that they learned a lot. What they didn't say was what they learned & if it was just about quilting or about themselves. Wonky blocks are neat & orderly. Just in a different way.