Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wheel Chair Quilt

My very dear friend in MN was in an accident some time ago, and her injured back declined in strength and use over the years. She is almost in her chair full time now. I made her a quilt a year or so ago that she said saved her from freezing while on an airline trip. 

She asked for another one that measures wider at 44". She said she would use bungie cords to keep the sides closed from the wind. I thought about making one she could put her legs into, but that could be dangerous if something happened to pin her in. 

Interestingly, there are no patterns for wheelchair quilts. Few quilters I know have made them, though many will make quilts for babies and other family members to fit on a bed or be used for napping. 

When I saw these panels, they seemed perfect when cut apart, and joined with sashing to make the size needed. I do love how they look. There is enough of that sashing fabric to bind it as well.

We never know about our well-being. It is said we are all temporarily able-bodied. Accidents that change our lives can happen in a flash. Then, it seems that we need to figure out what works to make life easier. My friend looks for clothing that doesn't bind and is still fashionable. It is my hope that this quilt has a bit of style to it.

The back is corduroy so it clings to the body, and batting is also cut. My next step is to baste it and figure out what kind of quilting pattern to make on it. I need to buy a spool of black thread before I start that last step. It might look good to just outline the shapes on each square.