Saturday, May 27, 2017

Row Crops...errr...Quilts. Row Quilts

I am still machine quilting horizontal row stitches on the Row by Row Mystery quilt, and have at least another day yet before that part of quilting is complete. I find myself singing the best of 'rowing' songs: Row, row, row your boat!

I think this was a good choice for a horizontal row quilt, as well as for the appliques & all the scraps that were on the borders & back. It will help hold the sandwich together & maybe take off some stress from various seams.

When I do something repetitive like quilting these lines, I get to thinking that while stitches hold the quilt sandwich together, it is love that holds the world together. 

The man, a friend in MN, has been the kindest person to me. Decades ago, he helped me pick out a laptop that would work for me as a teacher. He & his wife opened their home to me for a month when I was between housing situations. They both pick me up from the airport when I fly in from Cali, sometimes provide a room, and often provide meals. Always welcoming, always loving.

For all he does for me, it is what he does for his wife, one of my very good friends, that is what makes him really special to me. He loves her. He loves their Son. He loves his step-children and all their kids. See? Love.