Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mystery Solved

Its always a joy to finish one of the Mystery quilt projects. And the top is only one part of that work. Excitement over quilting gives me a high. It is pleasurable, powerful and, yes, it is addicting. It is safer than a lot of the natural highs I have had in my life, it has sane boundaries, even though sometimes I can see how easy it would be to have no boundaries over it all.

This quilt is named Seasons, enabling me to use scraps in my closet, especially the 2.5" squares. With each month's installment, I was able to practice machine applique & learned a new border (Seminal) technique. Also, I had a chunk of green that got used in the border and binding.

The back utilized almost all the 3" squares in a shoebox bin. For this one, I made up traditional 9-patch blocks and then joined them in rows. It is a simple pattern that takes no-mind, no-time and can be used like this.

The bin of batting scraps was getting over stuffed. A zig-zag stitch perfectly joined two of the larger pieces for the Log Cabin quilt. It will be quilted with a diagonal grid, therefore keeping two pieces joined for the sandwich. And now, two of the remaining quilts going out to new homes for 2017, are ready to baste.

I plan to spend a little more time joining some of the larger batting pieces so they are ready to be used for future projects.