Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Run Through the Trees

This last wonky block is a tree farm, of sorts. It was just a matter of finding a suitable background, gathering small squares of greens, cutting and ironing on the stiffener. This is a perfect addition to the wonky quilt. Red sky makes the block wonky.

When a person practices feeling nothing, we forget what confidence feels like. I have learned that since feelings wrap around our behavior, we come to think that being wonky is perfectly normal. We only feel normal when we do something that can be odd & self-defeating. That's not to say that wonky in a quilt or in a personality is negative or wrong. It is just different.

When I lived in Minnesota, our farm was next to a tree farm like this one in the photo. Acres & acres of trees planted in rows so that the larger ones could be cut down for holiday sales. They did not grow like trees in a forest competing for sunshine, and naturally living or dying. They were not part of an urban forest getting covered with vehicle exhaust. They were perfect.

Long gone were the days that families got in a car and cut their own trees. Now trees are bundled up & tied to car roofs. Yet, shoppers look for perfectly shaped trees and pay incredibly high prices for trees already cut, laying in bundles for months & drying out.

And now, the last row of the wonky quilt is attached with framing rather than sashing. One would think the UFO was done. But No-o-o-o. Next on, 6" wonky blocks for the first border, and a 3.5" second border in the same lime green & there is enough for binding. It is getting dropped to the end of the UFO list, for now, as it waits for batting. Whew! Quite the quilt. It is rather gorgeous for all its wonkiness.