Sunday, May 28, 2017

Quilt Labels

Tradition holds that all quilted items one makes should have labels. When I first started quilting, I made a lovely, lovely wall hanging for a couple of my family members. I put a label on it and was told that it ruined the possibility of having a reversed project. I stopped labeling my work then because it made sense. 

What I did do was to write information on the backside with a fabric pen, but kept it almost hidden so that if the recipient wanted to reverse the quilt, they could without a problem.

Then, my younger Son was exposed to a quilt show and learned about labels and wanted me to add them to his quilts. So last summer when I visited, I brought some I made and spent time putting them on his quilts.

His Son requested a larger quilt for his bed with his name on it. So here I am looking for ideas for labels. I have four more quilts going out and want to add labels to them. 

I decided to write out the text and embroider it on. The most simple is a triangle for one of the corners. Other ideas, once the embroidered part is done, are to add it to a back corner & perhaps match its design to the top or front of the quilt. I need to find the right fabrics.

One quilt that I am finishing this year has cat blocks on the front, so I may trace this graphic out, iron on stabilizer, and machine applique it to the back before basting. Another one has a holiday theme, and I plan to make that label on green fabric as a round ornament. Because I have not been making labels, doing four of them this year challenged me to come up with ideas. I have found a number of ideas to make them an accessory rather than detract from the backside.

I will embroider them at the same time even though they will look differently. I just want to keep it as one project for all four quilts. AND they should go onto the back before basting, so I have work to do today.