Tuesday, May 2, 2017

BOM Square

This quilt goes to my eldest Great-Niece. The fabrics are all grrrly and of course, at her age, she is that. Her Daddy and Step-mother are both quite athletic. Her birth Mother was the sweetest, most charming grrrly on the Earth. She is greatly missed by those of us left behind. Her three Daughters will be unique, and will never really recover from their loss.

I selected coordinated fabrics from what I had, and put them in a container because it is, ta da, another Mystery quilt, so that was the only choice I had in the beginning. This is an altered Log Cabin block. I took the liberty of scrapping out the pink side because I don't have many grays and already used a black for the center. Also, I am trying to save the pink Paris print for a border. Its going to be lovely.