Friday, May 5, 2017


I took inventory of the threads my next projects and shopped. On my way home, I realized that I trusted in the brand name I bought, and did not look at content label. Sure enough, every spool I bought was 100% poly, not cotton.

I sorted spools by poly, cotton, and unknown because labels were missing. Those three larger spools have labels on the inside impossible to read & pull off. The large green spool is 100% cotton as are all the others in that area. To the left are spools of 100% poly.

Studies say that poly doesn't shed lint like cotton, but it is possible, over time, that it will cut into the fabric and not wear as well. It CANNOT be used in microwave or oven wear projects because it could burn.

Cotton thread has its downsides too. It isn't always colorfast so can bleed if, for instance, a red is used on a white. It is linty so the machine needs cleaning more often. There is a whole numbering system to finding and using the best thread for specific projects and I guess I am not there, and might never be. 

This was huge for me. No one told me about these differences, or if they did, I didn't listen. I can only go forward with what I learned today and not get stressed out with possibilities of how what I might have done in the past may or may not damage the quilts.

Next I moved onto the UFO list. With all the stress I felt from the roofers yesterday (both sound and sight), what I found today was more a bout of mild depression today. It was so hard to want to do anything. So I kept on with what was here and pushed through it. Having the sidebar list helps in these cases because there is no decision, no need to think.