Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wonky UFO

I pulled this UFO project out to work on next. Some time ago, I was in two block swaps that you could say what kind of block you wanted. One was the 12" that I requested either a wonky house or a wonky tree; and the other was for a 6" in any style. Before I set this UFO aside, I put four rows of four blocks each together and joined the 6"ers to make the top border. It wasn't long enough for me. The quilt top container held the top as it was, and then also several regular house blocks. I thought I could make them work together. Not so. 

Wonky is a whole different look. The regular house blocks were from a private swap with someone who stopped emailing & swapping. I made them as a grouping for another UFO, and put it to the bottom of my to-do list. 

The final row needs 4 blocks and I was able to make 3 before getting so frustrated. This is not an easy block to make. That top right block may not make it into the quilt. The background just doesn't work, so maybe I can save it. Its pretty bad in person and in the photo here. The wonky border goes on after this row is added, and I will need a back. I do not have a designated recipient so did not plan to finish it this year. 

I think my choice of making 4 extra blocks is good, and then it can go to the bottom of the list while I work on others. Well. I will be lucky to get two more blocks done. Hard work, wonkies.