Sunday, May 14, 2017

Prep for Basting

I made an appointment at the clubhouse on Friday to baste at least one quilt, and am taking the smaller wheelchair quilt with me too, just in case I have enough pins and time to do both.

Although it is a good part of the week until it happens, the backs of both tops and backs need to be examined for loose threads and scanty seams. The wheel chair quilt was easy and is done. It usually gets done as the piece is made. This second check is something I want to do for peace of mind. It took awhile and is done over the ironing board. This is the back, folded in half. The top needed doing as well.

My plan was to do each of them once, and go back a second time. It seems like more than one needs to do, however, every once in awhile a seam is just a bit scanty and comes apart during the quilting. At that point, its done and only top stitching works. Then it is a risky seam that could likely come apart in the first washing. 

So, yes. Yes, this tiring, boring work is something I think essential to do when I plan to give it away. Both quilts are ready for basting now and are in my bag to take to the clubhouse. I want to try channel quilting on the Seasons quilt. It might take a little longer, though the lines are not going to be too close. I learned that the more quilting there is on one, the heavier it is. This one is for all year long and is quite large so it doesn't need more weight.