Tuesday, May 23, 2017

22/15 Done

This large block in the Mystery quilt was hard to make. First of all, it took larger pieces and towards the end of the selection, coming up with colors & sizes that worked for the block and where it fit was a bit of a challenge.

Secondly, the fabric choices are all prints. This is going to be one very busy quilt. However, in spite of the challenges all that part of mystery quilting brings, I like how this block turned out with what I had to work with. I did my best with the directional prints and could always rip and change, but am leaving it the way it turned out. It should fit quite nicely with the others. There are 3 more 12.5" blocks left.

As I think about 'fitting' in, I did a little research on the Outsider archetype for my Jung course. It is close in nature to the Rebel archetype. 

However, the Outsider doesn't care about other people or the world they live in. They find fault with everything, and don't really want to make a difference as much as they want to make a negative statement or have that negative impact. Everything is personal for them. Everyone and everything seems out to get them. The Rebel rails against personal restrictions but when the person is positively operative, they act to get recognition for social injustice & make changes. Maybe this is a simple way of looking at it and that the lines between them are blurred.