Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday Basting

The 2nd Jungian course is asking me to do an inventory. Bottom line to the questions might be intended for me to get to the bottom of my heart and soul wants, needs, accomplishments, goals and regrets. Its an easy list to read and only five points to each part. Five points where we are to get real. At my age, being real is all there is in life. 

Two of the four labels are made and ready to be hand stitched onto the quilts. I found that cat outline to make a third from and the fourth is going to be a folded 3-D envelope with the embroidered label inside. The backing fabric for the blue, white  & yellow log cabin quilt was in Saturday's mail. It matches the front perfectly and is getting washed in hot water to both set colors and pre-shrink it. It was a good choice made by crossing my fingers when I saw the pic online to hope it matched.

One more quilt is basted. Grinchmas is for one of my GodSons. This was the mystery BOM quilt the facilitator left at month 11. It turned out fine. 

My machine has been acting up far too long, sewing backwards, not holding its tension or straight lines. I bit the bullet to order a new one and found it on a Memorial Day Sale with free delivery!  

I like the horizontal channel stitch quilting, and plan to use that format for this one as well. The squares in it were made from 2.5" pieces that size down with piecing to 2" squares which is a perfect distance. It will be easy to hold the line with it on this quilt. AND I have lots of red cotton thread to do the quilting. It will look nice.