Monday, May 15, 2017

More Gratitude

Its another block. Mystery quilts. Every single time I do one, I whine & complain that it doesn't look right. Oh sure, a couple of times that happened that it really didn't turn out, and usually I found a way to make it work.

This block seems bland. It is part of a larger scheme not revealed to me. I did keep the pattern so if it still doesn't work for me in the layout, I can make another one.
Of course, it came with non-quilting challenges. I drink a lot of tea and usually set my cup on the desk or table. This time it went on the ironing board, and of course, tipped with a full cup running onto the cover, fabric, pattern, floor, carpet & the standing cushion. Good goddess. Cleanup. So its all back to an order now.

After talking to my younger Son on Sunday, I learned that my Grandson's quilts are all too small and none of them have his name on them. I went to the fabric store and bought material to make him a new, big boy quilt. More on that later.