Friday, May 19, 2017

Coming out of the Closet

I love the blues in this quilt and moreover love the choices I made for the fabrics. Sometimes buying new fabric is like completely enjoying life rather than just enduring it. 

Every once in awhile, I step outside my closet and buy all the fabrics for a quilt rather than to scrap it. Scrap quilts are fun, yet this one really makes me smile. Smile, heck, I am beaming! The fabrics coordinate. 

While this photo is not much different from the one I took yesterday, it shows the final border and is a complete top. I cut the top/bottom borders at 6" and gave the sides each 7" to make it just a little wider. It can lay horizontally to bring more than one person under it while sitting on the sofa. It is laying over my queen size bed so will look like this in my Grandson's room. He can drag it around or leave it covering his bed.

I wanted geometrics for his quilt. He is going to be 12 in June. The center white with blue looks like very large round postal cancellations, and the darker blue with white, also part of the center is constellations and sea maps. The yellow is a white dot, and the third border is tiny swirls & stars in each part of the blue and white checkered pattern. The solid  Kona blue for the first & fourth borders brings it all together!

It measures 69x96" so will take about 2.5 yards of a 108" backing flannel. I would need to pre-wash it because flannel shrinks. I found a blue and white swirl pattern for it too. This is going to be one stunning quilt. 

It makes me so very excited to have it so coordinated. Seriously. Honestly, I take a lot of joy in scrap quilting too. This one is his first 'big boy' quilt and I wanted it to be special. That it is.