Saturday, May 13, 2017


Snow? Well, you never know lately.

This project is called Snow Friends. I finished the piecing around the embroidery pieces and called it a day. That is clearly a new concept. Thing is, when you look at these little 6" squares, you have no idea how much work is actually in them. Beyond the embroidery, they get trimmed. Then a flange is put on (that dark blue around the inside). Borders go on with cornerstones. Hanging ribbon has to be placed between outside pieces. Batting and backing cut.

And DANG/Whew, I spotted the first ribbon hanging incorrectly before sewing it together. Then the third one had slipped out and needed re-doing. Mistakes happen even when I am careful.

My plan is to make one for each of the younger kids in my family.  There is another set of three ready to embroider, and I will keep at it during the evenings and not pressure myself to work on or finish them before going onto the next UFO project. 

I am an expert at not taking a nap or getting enough sleep. If grades were given, surely mine would be an A+. If there was a finger print designation, for sure you could see it all of mine. While I might not be good at taking naps yet, I am getting better at pacing my projects.

For now, this UFO project drops to the bottom of the list. And I am ok with that.