Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The Apron UFO sat here on my ironing board with fabrics that I previously cut to fit for the next steps. There were no notes to self, so all the cut pieces needed to be measured & tagged before proceeding. One pair of strips were cut for the neck ties, so I used a technique I learned since starting this apron. It grieves me that I left this project sit so long. It is still confusing, and I will keep working on it until it is finished.

Not only is it a UFO, it is now a WIP. That was the most I could do on it today. I am working quite hard not to feel guilty about how much that is either done or not. I need to make the bib, ties and waistband before it is completed. And I need to make sure all the stitching is the same for then & now. It is surprising just how much guilt surfaced. I wonder if this is a natural consequence of UFOs, or part of the Jungian Psych work I have been doing.

I found this on a site for one of my Facebook groups, so want to share it here. I love some of these acronyms, however, do not currently use a lot of them. Its nice to see how others think about their fabrics, & projects.

When I reorganized my closet and bins, I got rid of the PIGS, WWIT and WOMBATS, making more sense of the SABLE items. I never used sub-sections such as PhD, WISP or VIP. For the most part my projects are either WIP or UFO.