Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Apron UFO

I still am unsure as to why finishing UFOs be such a struggle. I ask that of myself every time I pick up a container with an unfinished project. Its not so much undoing something I might have made incorrectly, but a matter of going on with whatever I started. Each one stirs up endless feelings. I had no idea I was in for it all when I made the commitment for this year.

I had a small drawer of aprons I started for my three eldest Granddaughters, who are now out on their own away from their families of origin. I've been making aprons for some time, and they are really a lot of work. Because they are made of 100% cotton, they wrinkle. And who irons? I think I got discouraged when considering that these young women might see them as non-essential.

I found patterns I liked, and started making them. Well. I finished some and gave them as gifts. I will keep working on the first one (a ruffled half apron). At least with the finished stage I left it in, ruffles were made, and ready to be pinned & stitched; now they are on. 

Over time, I have learned about reinforcing the waistband & ties so they don't fray so much after repeated washings. The next step is to do one more ruffle that fits under the waistband, and make the ties. No wonder, aprons cost so much!

I put the UFO or NESY (not even started yet) others in a drawer. Then they went on my list for 2017 to finish.