Monday, May 22, 2017

A New Week

The Solstice to Solstice Gratitude quilt is getting closer to done. The pattern maker released more of the assembly instructions.

The weekend held many activities, and I decided to leave the quilting until Monday. Time away from any activity allows a different kind of growth possible to our lives. Sometimes I get caught up in quilting that it becomes all I think of and do. 

So when I started putting the pieces together, there was a new vision that evolved. Piece by piece, the fabrics I set aside for this quilt are being used up. And because it is a mystery, it gets built block by block with directions to use lights, mediums and darks. At first, I thought I should re-do blocks that used the same fabrics when they were put side by side, and then thought better of it. A mystery is a mystery and there is a sort of magick to it.

It is done for today, and there are three more 12.5" left to make, plus a larger one that goes to the end of these 8. The larger one is quite a focus block and I want to think about it for awhile before choosing colors.