Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back to Black

My lesson today is that there is always another day.

After some time loading bobbins in black thread, I returned to the repair of Amy's Cat quilt until my eyes started to burn from squinting at black on black. Although the Constellations quilt is a very dark blue, black works for machine quilting it, and that was next on my list. Wow, that baby is heavy!

There are a lot of joints to re-join on the Cat quilt, and I'll do a few each sitting as I am able. While many folks enjoy paper piecing, I did not find my talents or skills up to the task of this quilt. Perhaps it is easier to do one block rather than 72 that this quilt takes.

I got a number of rows stitched on the Constellations quilt before turning off the machine for the day; at least 1/4th of it is done. Taking my lesson to heart, I know that it is better on my body and in fact, my attitude, to take my time when something is difficult. It is far too easy to get frustrated and stop working on a project than it is to take my time and keep going. MattE's quilt needs to be completed and out the door in a couple of weeks, so it is, in fact, a priority. 

I really want Amy's Cat quilt done so it can go to the long arm, but again, I would rather it be something I am pleased with rather than to just get it done.

And of course, I am still working on the Hallows Mug Rugs, and finished two more. I loved the fabric square swap I was in last year and got some really cute ones. These MRs aren't as great as some I've made and received, but the fabric just sings for me as it is and doesn't need to be cut and re-shaped. It is my hope that they will be used for the holiday.