Friday, August 28, 2015

Cleaning Up & Cutting

Now that the last two quilt tops are completed and are waiting to get basted, I turned my attention to cleaning up the scraps. I've been just tossing leftover pieces in two boxes on the floor and it was a huge mess. 

Thing is, once I get to cutting, the sheer volume of fabric laying around drops. The smaller bits go into this box and will end up as stuffing for a pet bed. The Humane Society here in town is only open one day of the week and so when this latest one is made, I'll make a trip in to donate it. I am thinking I might make two smaller pillows rather than the large one. 

The other scraps were cut into my usual size squares and need to go into those containers later. I also cut two mug rugs from some fabric I received in a swap. These represent #3&4 I was able to make. I want to have them in reserve for swaps.

I did make one using leftover fabric from the Constellations quilt. No real pattern, just sandwiching top and bottom with batting, and then stitching a simple grid and adding binding. This particular swap asked us to send 4 different things that focused on our partner's requests. Mine was for Egyptian Mythology. 

The legend is that Nut's clothing was blue with stars on it. She is the goddess holding up the sky. It just seemed a perfect interpretation of the story. (I forgot to take a picture of the mug rug.) I turned on a You Tube documentary while working on it and learned even more about Egypt that looped into another one before I was finished. I learn much and more, as they say in Game of Thrones, from these documentaries and tutorials. Just about anything can be found on You Tube to further your education or viewing pleasure.