Saturday, August 8, 2015

Twist Again

I love that Lil Twister tool. It seems like it will be something great and easy to use with my scraps in creative quilts. I know it only works with the 5" charms, but there are so many in my storage bin. Directions say that the cuts bring it down 25% the original size so I need to look for some patterns. From photos I have seen online, a quilt-maker can put together something random or create specific themes.

One of my Nieces made a comment on FaceBook when I offered 5 Hallows Mug Rugs to Family & Friends that her baby boy was due at Thanksgiving ...hint, hint. I gathered what I think are Fall colors to make a rather random piece, alternating dark with light colors as best I could. I am learning that small prints or fabrics that read solid will be best using this tool. Anything too large on the fabric gets lost in the cuts. I also extended the border from 3" to 4" and think I like the smaller cut better. There was more waste with the 4". I want to join the 2" squares that were leftovers and make a border for it. My stash has smaller scraps that will work in too. It is a great stash busting tool.

This isn't a project I need to work on or finish right now. 

Actually, I am headed to Monterey / Carmel on the weekend for an overnight at the Monterey Aquarium and will be away from the studio. More when I return.