Thursday, August 20, 2015

Starburst Twist Got Posted on Wed

I try to write during the nights when I am up, which is almost every night. I can post after midnight. To the right of the draft page (seen published here) are buttons that say PUBLISH ~ SAVE ~ PREVIEW. So I wrote another page that was to be published on Thursday...and whooops... rather than to hit the save button, I selected publish and there it was. Wednesday.

This morning, I do have an appointment at the clubhouse to baste my younger Grandson's quilt. This is the one made from the 12" Christmas Block swap. So all the blocks are different and its going to be a twin size, and hard to machine quilt. I wonder if it would work better hand quilted. I wonder if I can hand quilt again? Big job either way. Usually, those questions come up as I baste. So more tomorrow.

I also cut two borders for the Starburst Twist. And I need to get back into the store because I am at least a yard short on the final border fabric. Not sure how that happened.