Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Song of the Universe

I've heard it said that the song of the Universe goes on whether or not we are listening. I think going on short vacations helps me tune in. I love the drives in any direction from where I live. AND I love where I live, so it seems easier for me to be aware or in tune to the song.

My older Son's quilt, Constellations, is completed to the stage of getting the binding done. I need to find the fabric for it and get it on. I am planning a short visit to my friend Carol's home today. She's got a couple of quilts to show me and we need to catch up on what has been happening for both of us.

I also finished another one of the simple Mug Rugs. All I did on this one was to do a decorative stitch around the figures on the fabric, allowing it to be the focus for the piece. That was the plan for most of them. Easy-breezy. I've got two table toppers to finish and then, that does it for the offer I made on FaceBook. A number of magazines I've seen show how mini quilts are used and collected for various holidays. Personally, I love the collection of MR's that I have and use them all the time.