Saturday, August 22, 2015

Winter Solstice in August

August is the 8th month of the year and these couple of days each month that I set aside to work on my Solstice gifts have been a very wise decision. Focus is important. Quilting is a world of wonder for me, and yes, even mystery. Every day I am surrounded by beautiful surprises that help me see life within me, and all around. Sometimes there is stress when something doesn't go as planned. Most of the time, its helped me see more clearly how I want to live and move through the world.

In particular, this month, I worked more on one of the aprons. I got the first row of gathering onto the skirt panel, which I hemmed on both sides. Then, the pattern threw me. The next row should go above it and layer over this one so both show. It has 5-6 layers of this gathered fabric. But the instructions made no sense to me yesterday. I am sure I can figure it out. But, there is no stress with it in the way there might have been if I was doing this and other projects closer to the Solstice. Having time to get things done is why I chose to set these days aside each month.

I also finished the table topper and decided to simply back and bind it with that green holly print. Its a lesson well learned about selecting a plain fabric for the outside on that Lil Twister pattern. It is pretty busy for my taste. Hopefully the partner that I get for the 12 Days of Christmas swap will find a space for it in her home. At least with this back, if she hates the top, she can flip it over and use it that way. Options. Best to have options.

And lastly, I picked up the mailing boxes that are the right size for the Tree Wallhangings and rods. I might move to that project and away from the apron so that I have something done over the weekend. They need borders, batting, back and binding.